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Welcome to the portal of Medieval Memoria Online (MeMO). The portal offers a database and links to a number of supporting websites and PDFs.



MeMO aims to help scholars in carrying out research into the commemoration of the dead during the period up to the Reformation (c. 1580) in the area that is the present-day country of the Netherlands.

The portal is also intended for local historians, family historians (genealogists), museum curators, teachers, pupils and students, and for anyone with an interest in history, art and culture.


  • Our primary product is the database, with descriptions, photographs and other information concerning source types that are fundamentally important to memoria research. These source types include both texts and objects. Since the Reformation these sources have been scattered across the world, and they have therefore often become unknown to researchers.
  • MeMO's supporting websites and PDFs have a number of different functions. Some are intended to introduce visitors to medieval memoria in general, while others serve as research tools.
  • There are also links to other important websites, which have not been made by the MeMO team.
This portal also provides news about memoria research in the Netherlands and abroad, with Please also visit our Facebook page.

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