Medieval Memoria Online

Welcome to the database of Medieval Memoria Online (MeMO)

Medieval Memoria Online provides a database that is accessible free of charge for researchers, students and anyone with a general interest in Dutch cultural heritage. It contains inventories and descriptions of objects and texts that had a function in the commemoration of the dead in the area that is currently the Netherlands, until 1580. These are:

  • Tomb monuments and floor slabs
  • Memorial pieces (Memorialbilder)
  • Memorial registers (administrative and liturgical sources)
  • Narrative sources that fulfilled functions in the commemoration of the dead

The database also contains basic information on the institutions in which the sources functioned.

Please note: As of 1 August 2016, only four hours per week will be spent on MeMO. Unfortunately this means that most database updates and other activities are put on hold until more financial resources are available.


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