Miracle of the Loaves and Fishes with devotional portraits of the Paedts-van Raaphorst family

General information
Original location Leiden, probably the monastery Hiëronymusdal (This was the only monastery of the Augustine Order in Leiden, the city where the Paedts family was from. The possibility that the panel once hung in the monastery comes from the prominent depiction of the Augustine canon regular on the painting, who may therefore have been its founder)
Current location Lost, destroyed in the Second World War
Provenance Galerie Matthiesen, Berlin; Staatliche Museen (Gemäldegalerie), Berlin
Artist Cornelis Engebrechtsz. (based on stylistic features)
Date ca. 1520 (based on stylistic features)
Material Panel
Dimensions 113 x 63 cm (central panel)
113 x 50 cm (wings)
Visual elements
Short description Triptych with the Miracle of the Loaves and Fishes in a landscape in the central panel. The wings depicted kneeling members of the Paedts-van Raaphorst family against a painted niche, which displayed a coat of arms in its center. On the left panel eight male members and St Paul, on the right panel six female family members with St Barbara.
Coat of arms Left wing, center: semicircular shield - in gold a red cross moline; escutscheon: quarterly black and silver (Paedts)
Right panel, center: semicircular shield - per pale I: as the arms on the interior side of the left wing; II: in silver three black bars (Raaphorst)
Depicted pilgrim (left panel, third from the right)
Personal information
Name Paedts (based on coat of arms; exact identification unclear)
Social status / profession Canon regular (based on dress); His family held high functions in the government of the city of Leiden (burgomasters and city counselors)
Attributes Jerusalem pilgrimage Palm
Additional information
  • Friedländer, Max J., Early Netherlandish painting, 14 vols. (Leiden/Brussel 1967-1976) vol. X, fig. 69, vol. XIV, p. 121
  • Hoogewerff, G.J., De Noord-Nederlandse schilderkunst, 5 vols. (Den Haag 1936-1947) vol. III, pp. 186-194
MeMO ID 715
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