Organisation of the inventory

  • The inventory is organised alphabetically by geographical location and then by institution.

  • Within each location, memorials are arranged by the surname of the first named person commemorated, under the institution from which their memorial came (i.e. the original location as opposed to the present location). Memorials commemorating unknown persons are listed after those of named people, under the institutional heading. Objects whose original placement is unknown, but which can be localised to a particular town are listed under that town at the end, after the institutions, under the heading 'unknown original location'. Objects for which no provenance exists are inventoried separately under the heading 'Unknown provenance'.

  • Measurements are rounded up to the nearest centimetre. Panel paintings' measurements include the frame where it is original.

  • Inscriptions are only transcribed where they have not been previously published or where published transcriptions contain significant inaccuracies.

  • The following conventions have been adopted in transcriptions:

    • a letter in parentheses indicates the expansion of a contraction in the original text
    • a question mark in parentheses indicates uncertainty in the transcription of the preceding word
    • a dash between square brackets indicates that the original text is lost or indecipherable

  • References are confined to the most recent and / or most useful publications.

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