Overview of the floor slabs

1. Floor slab of Jacob Hugenz. van Swieten, Jan Jacobz. van Swieten, Jan van Swieten, Dirck van Zijl and Daniel van Zijl (1504, 1524, 1531, 1481 and 1522)

2. Floor slab of Celi van Zijl and Alijt van Swieten (1517 and 1500)

3. Floor slab of Jannichgen, widow of Dirck Jan Luijten (1519)

4. Floor slab of Elyzabet, widow of Jacob Gerritz., and her sister Eugen Gerritz. (1553 and 1545)

5. Floor slab of Willem Ghijsbart Janz. van der Laen and Jan Ghijsbartz. van der Laen, priest (1527 and 1537)

6. Floor slab of Jacob Janz. van der Hoech (1532)

7. Floor slab of Clemens Willemsdochter (1536)

8. Floor slab of Fye, widow of Henrick Ghijsbertz. (1537 ?)

9. Floor slab of a member of the Van der Heede family and Herman Ludolfz. (157[4] and earlier)

10. Floor slab of Adriaen Goesenz. (1574)

11. Floor slab of Marya Aedryen Goesenz. dochter (unknown date)

12. Floor slab of Cornelis Dirck Janz. and his wife Marrichgen (unknown date)

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